Buy One Get One Free

Dear friends,

In order to thanks for your support of AGM, so we decide that:

When you buy an AGM A9 Mobile Phone during 2018.12.11——2018.12.13,  we'll send a JBL tuned earphone as a free gift,welcome to your arrival!

Ship From: Poland

We can ship it to : Italy , Germany , Spain , Poland ,France. (Other countries are on the way.....)

And the most improtant thing is that:

You'll have the opportunity to get our AGM A9 for free if you can participate in our promotion activities.

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  • When you gonna sell it in México?

    Santiago Vázquez
  • I would like to purchase AGM A9

  • I want agm mobile im from India plz plz shipping me in India

  • you have spelt ‘important’ as ‘improtant’ above. REALLY looking forward to the launch. can we have some more technical details about the camera please? does it do high frame rate for slow mo video? most of all, GOOD LUCK… :D

    just to be helpful
  • Awesome SMART PHONE FROM AGM Manufacturer Company .AGM X3 and AGM A 9 model .


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